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How to make your Gibraltar Elopement Wedding Unique & Special

For many couples, choosing an elopement marriage in Gibraltar is ideal while some countries still have travel restrictions in place.

And with so many of my couples separated by travel bans, choosing to elope to Gibraltar has been currently ranked one of the top elopement destination in the world!

Personalised Denim Jacket is an extra cool touch!

“So how do we make our elopement special and unique to us?”

Deciding to elope is unique in itself! But really making the most of your special day can be an ‘unknown’ when it comes to planning your wedding from overseas, in a country you have never even visited.

Getting a wedding planner based in Gibraltar that can arrange the marriage date and all the necessary paperwork and provide a witness service for you, so you can relax and concentrate on planning all the other fun details of your wedding day.

Don’t forget to add personal elements to your Gibraltar elopement wedding.

For instance, writing your own vows just like a recent couple. They chose to read their vows to each other on the beach after the ceremony. And using local postcards added an extra special memory of their Gibraltar wedding.

There are so many different ways to personalize your elopement wedding, including hiring a cool moped for a couple of hours, creating a bouquet that’s includes photos of loved ones or even creating a personalized jacket!

Matching suits and moped!

I’d love to hear all about your elopement plans, or if you need any advise or information ,then please drop me a

With love,

Sheila x

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