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Can I Zoom My Elopement Wedding in Gibraltar ?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Yes you can share your Gibraltar marriage live!

Deciding to elope is a difficult decision and one many couples are facing right now due to the travel restrictions and bans on movement around the world. Not having your family and friends present can be one of the hardest things when planning an elopement wedding.

Virtual Wedding

But there is a great way to include your loved ones in your Gibraltar marriage and that’s online platforms such as Zoom or Facebook live .

Many of my couples choose to include their family and friends in their Gibraltar marriage ceremonies online. It is the perfect way for your guests from afar to share your special moment with you in Gibraltar.

Where can I set up my laptop or phone during the ceremony?

The civil Registry Office and al the other venues are very used to couples needing a space for their devices, so a small table in perfect view of the two of you can be arranged. You may want to bring along a mini trip-pod for your phone, And don’t forget to make sure laptops and phones have their battery fully charged!

Can my wedding photographer take photos and video at the same time?

I get asked this question a lot.But unfortunately no!

This is because your Gibraltar wedding photographer needs to be focused on getting all your lovely moments on their camera and not miss those intimate shots that you will remember your day by.

I always try to take a ‘group’ photo with your online guests at the end of the wedding ceremony, which is a lovely way for everyone to feel they were a part of your elopement wedding and a special photo for everyone to cherish. Its also absolutely ok to ask one of your witness’s or your wedding planner to hold your phone for you during your ceremony. All the wedding planners in Gibraltar are MORE than happy to do this for you and have lots of experience with steady hand and the best angles!

Can I record my marriage ceremony?


You can hit the record button so you can playback your wedding ceremony and share the moment you both say "I Do" with your loved ones, if you don’t want to go live on the day. Or if it is simply too complicated to arrange your guests in different time zones.

Or for those guests without the option to watch online.

And if you are planning another bigger celebration with friends and family in the future, a popular option is to keep the recording of your ceremony a secret to surprise all your guests with a big screen projection of your elopement ceremony at a later date. You could also get creative with a fun slide show of your video recording and wedding photos all in one wedding movie. Your guests will love watching this with you in person.

So whether or not your choose to have an online elopement wedding in Gibraltar with your guests or you simply want to have your wedding ceremony recorded, the option is there.

Myself , the Registrars and your wedding planner can help you.

And we love noting more than meeting your loved ones online and saying Hello!

Sheila x

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